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The Fidgety Flower designs and makes fidget toys, calming aids and tactile teaching tools to stimulate the sense of touch enhancing focus and learning in kinesthetic and tactile learners.
Each item is designed and crafted to involve the sense of touch in different ways. For example, some fidgets are soft and fluffy with contrasting hard and smooth elements. Others are silky, hard or flexible. More interactive fidgets are designed to incorporate repetitive movement. Some of these utilize beads, balls or rings to slide back and forth while others incorporate magnets or elastic to add resistance to movement. All of our fidget designs have been given special attention to ensure they will withstand fidgety fingers and are easy to keep clean.

Fidgets can be used by teachers, parents, occupational therapists, and counselors to help children who need something to occupy their hands so they are able to focus their minds on learning. They can also be used for a child who may need to self-calm.

The Tactile Teaching Tools made by The Fidgety Flower are designed to be a fun tactile way for teachers and parents to engage children in the learning process. One example is our crocheted butterfly life cycle set. It includes hard eggs on a soft leaf, a caterpillar, a chrysalis and a butterfly which can each be held and played with stimulating the child’s imagination and overall learning process.

The Fidgety Flower is committed to continue creating new fidgets and teaching tools to assist those who work with children who might need a little fidgety help.

We offer discounts to teachers and organizations such as schools and PTAs. For more information click on the following link: Teacher And School Discounts

  • My students were immediately drawn to the various textures and bright colors used to make these fidgets. I love that they are all washable and small enough to be non-disruptive during class. - Teacher
  • I like that all the choices are quiet and don't disrupt teaching times. - Teacher
  • My students love these fidgets and we use them weekly, as needed, to help support them with anxiety/stress issues, emotional support, and focus issues. Children know what they are used for and do not request them to play with. - Teacher
Handmade fidgets, calming aids, sensory toys and tactile teaching tools
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